At Redefine Health, we’re dedicated to transforming healthcare and designing solutions that lead our clients into the future. We focus on enhancing operations to eliminate the cost of poor quality and to position organizations for value-based medicine.

We Know Where the Gaps Are

As a URAC company, Redefine Health is committed to supporting clients in their healthcare quality improvement efforts. Redefine Health consultants have information that is rich with insights about where organizations face operational challenges.

We use this information to provide a road map for improvement and help clients achieve a sustainable framework for long-term success. Learn more about our services and consultative process.

We Provide You the Education, Guidance, and Tools to Succeed

Built on the foundation that healthcare solutions must be local to be sustainable, Redefine Health offers consultative solutions designed to ensure specialty pharmacies meet national best practices while attending to the needs of their local population.

Our services encourage innovation, provide benchmarks to define quality, increase organizational capabilities to provide medication management, and improve patient management and safety. Contact us to find out more.